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, however, have abundant nutrients of tomato, but may be with the wrong way and the cooking loss, how to avoid? You may choose to eat cooked food, but actually better, because the heat will destroy the cell wall and then release more lycopene, but stir fried than the small fire to simmer to make vitamin retention more complete. And because lycopene is fat soluble, and oil cooking together can improve the absorption rate of at least 3 times!

also contains a lot of tomato soluble astringent, such as pectin, gum persimmon phenols, will produce condensation and gastric acid, causing stomach discomfort or nausea, to avoid fasting food! Large tomato recommended daily consumption of up to 3, if not in a busy life at any time to eat tomatoes, may wish to consider the tomato juice, so that all the time to go to the beautiful road! Tomatoes and other fruits are different, not because of the loss of nutrition into juice, immediately after harvest is squeezed, full bottle contains lycopene content, fresh tomato juice drink to get the most easily when the hotty.

immature contains solanine, don’t hurry to give them to eat, is likely to cause nausea, vomiting, weakness and other raw food poisoning, it is more dangerous. In fact, when you eat it will feel quite bitter, give them a little time to grow healthy and bright red ripe tomatoes.

since there is no time to get up early to prepare a healthy lunch, and can not only eat some tasteless salad boiled water, then you have to eat tomatoes to help themselves to supplement nutrition! Here we take to know the strength of tomatoes.

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cooking is healthier for

Tomato Juice quickly added beautiful POWER

tomato is widely recognized as one of the CP values Vegetable & Fruit high nutrition, not only cheap, a little more stunning beautiful energy reserves! In addition to champion Vegetable & Fruit in lycopene content, various vitamins and minerals are also full of the best is a big tomato only 34 calories and had a sense of satiety, but also do not have to worry about when to eat fattening! Lycopene can be anti-oxidation, help to delay the aging of the body, other nutrients can enhance cardiovascular function, maintain skin care and the effect of some of the cancer prevention, is not very amazing!

went into the supermarket to pick up milk tea, coffee you, but also to the performance of tomato juice a chance! After drinking habits may surprise you have missed such a good beauty drinks, healthy energy with less time of most small, this is the beauty of their health secrets!

Green tomato

nutrition energy

minor tomatoes do not eat

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