Analysis of 5 major startups

this world, every day, every day in the enterprise bankruptcy, a new business was born, this is a cruel world, as long as you are good enough, you will be able to withstand the test of the market. The market so many startups, really want to do with the characteristics of success is even more easy, below we will carry out the analysis of 5 startups to see what they have advantages!


StormPulse is a weather forecast started startups, in addition, they will be based on weather conditions, put forward suggestions to the user dressing. And after development, they can now give practical information based on meteorological conditions, to minimize the possible damage caused by natural disasters. For example, under certain weather conditions, they would suggest deep-sea oil drilling rigs to shut down certain equipment. Their current target customers include oil and oil refining companies, clean energy companies, and several u.s.. They are now looking for a $300 thousand seed investment.


Vivogig provides people with a concert or holiday photo search filtering service. They get photos from Twitter and Instagram. This means that if you have a pet cat named Justin  Bieber, and on the network you upload a picture of it, so when other users search the real Justin  Bieber Concert Photos, they won’t search your cat pictures. They also classify the photos based on the information given by artists and organizers. Their next step is to expand the service to other entertainment and sporting events, and to plan to get more income by selling tickets and other goods.


AuMani for social and game developers to provide advantage analysis services. Bohn and CEO , the company’s founder and Bart , explains that Zynga is a good example of the fact that they have been focused on their own strengths and thus gained a lot of profit. They achieved success by focusing on their game business. At present, the company has received $100 thousand seed funds, and hopes to be able to get $1 million in the first quarter of 2013, the first round of financing. Their competitors include Kontagent,  , Flurry, Apsalar and other companies.


now a variety of popular music festival, music festival and the use of video is difficult to make money. Video startups Rockify offers solutions. One of the advantages of their service is that users do not need to spend a few hours when using their clients

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