Do the worst thing you want to do your best

entrepreneurship is a very hard and very cruel thing. So the beginning of the business, to have the ideological preparation for the failure of the business, the difficulties of early recognition, how to estimate is not conservative, so in the face of suffering and setbacks will not feel so difficult to accept. An entrepreneur after ten years of success, do you have the determination to the bitter taste of the past ten years, even more bitter than him, or even unsuccessful?

when I left the square, leave at that time seems to have a good job and income, many people think that this kind of courage to give up, very rare, in fact I don’t think so, because I know my heart is what I want, is a solution to a linear equation, only one factor in the my choice is decided, I’m going to do a lot of people can use the software, when the founder has not let me realize the ideal time, I chose to leave, if you want to clear these things, then, vested interest, tangible intangible things are not important. Therefore, important or values, "to be useful, the daughter go to" a recommendation

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