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energy-saving, which is in his chest and hips can store some fat, but not to the degree of obesity. So for those who can not store fat women, the first thing is to allow yourself to absorb more protein, can be appropriate to eat more high protein foods, such as meat, etc.. When you get enough nutrition, we can begin the next step of the energy-saving plan.

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then we here say energy-saving in general are for those born body slim girls, because the skeleton is relatively small, the absorption of nutrients and no other strong, led to this type of girls are not stored fat, so the whole person looks like a bamboo pole, looks very the ugly. So this type of women to breast fat buttock if the first is to make your diet rich.

estimates that many people are envious of those who do not eat fat women, right? But most of the time, they are very envious of you who can absorb nutrients. In western countries, and the beauty of the word is not thin, thin people will make people feel not very healthy. So many times, people advocate a healthy beauty, such as breast fat buttock beauty is very popular in western countries, this is also the reason why those sexy actress so popular. You want to live in their own energy-saving figure should be how to do?

because we said in energy-saving are generally based on the compaction degree of muscle, so we still have to get in enough fat to exercise, let the fat into muscle, it will make people feel looks beautiful.

breast fat buttock

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