Guangdong tea to create a free food activities to cultivate tourists

China delicious is beyond count, vast territory and abundant resources, often full of surprises. For example, you have to eat with the water to do the tea eggs, tea pot with the ribs soup? Tribute tea in the teahouse can not only tea, but also can enjoy the tea recipes.

2 for four years chef

"opened 2 years, I changed four cooks." Zhao Wei told reporters, "who had hired in Macao hotel chef cook, but because of the production of taste not up to my request, I have also changed." Because there is no tea Zhuhai food and beverage, Zhao Wei do not want to hit the brand. He personally with the chef on the innovation of recipes, successfully made nine fried fish spit, this dish has become "the one and only the specialty of Zhuhai city".

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