Entrepreneurs personally tell their entrepreneurial story

a lot of people want to start a business, some successful entrepreneurs will write their own experience to share with you. We read more of their stories, will be inspired by our business. Three months, I started with confidence, now I share my story to you.

7 16 July, the day I think I will always remember, that day I began to embark on the road of entrepreneurship in the day, at this time I just fight back the idea, with him only 6300 yuan in Guiyang embarked on a train bound for Yiwu, on the train I turn off the phone want your brain, not by outside interference (at this time will be very worried about my family).

in the car on the way home, I have been thinking about how to deal with these things, I began to think of sales, I think of home town by a few have some small jewelry store, they are likely to need these things, after returning home, the family of strange eyes I did not make any explanation, but choose a few representative Dongdong, non-stop clip on motorcycle to each town began to sell my way, my commitment to them is to help them with their distribution, the price is definitely to purchase almost, after they see my sample, some satisfied, some do not accept, of course this is eyes can be understand, think after someone special delivery for them to sell, I feel really easy, the day I told three jewelry stores have reached an agreement Can not tell the sense of accomplishment, they told me to be sure to arrive after three days, or cancel. In fact, I need three days, you can get two hours. I took second days they need to send the goods in the past, they first time goods are not many, my trip to Yiwu enough, after they introduce some small jewelry store, which I brought from Yiwu within a week all empty, the number of which 00 pieces of RMB. In addition to a car I netted 1308 yuan, feeling good ah.

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