Entrance students open online restaurant monthly gross profit 1 million yuan

Liu Kai, the college entrance examination, family support All thoughts are blasted., the school arranged for him in a private university. It is difficult to find a job after graduation. In desperation, had to go to Guangzhou, a bar specifically for foreigners to open the waiter, plus tips, a monthly income of nearly 2000 yuan.

Kai to suddenly in the joy: modern people’s fast pace of life, work pressure is also great, office workers to prepare lunch, often only eat some snacks, or go to McDonald’s, KFC and other fast food shops, so neither economic nor affordable, if crafted food and nutrition, reeky home soup pot in a timely manner to these busy white-collar workers before, must have a market!

The biggest advantage of online shop

Kains printed 3000 folding flavoring "online restaurant name card," the website and telephone outer layer, after various recommended expansion

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