The Rainbow hall powder new vitality for innovation and Entrepreneurship

to promote entrepreneurship and employment needs for entrepreneurs to create a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Hongkou District work silently, "Rainbow hall" has two years for many entrepreneurs to provide quality services, and are now bigger and stronger.

as "Rainbow hall" awareness, the quality of the project quality of the enterprise and investors are more and more high. At present, the region brings together nearly 70 venture capital institutions, nearly one hundred outstanding business services docking team.

"now through the" Rainbow hall ", our business service formed a benign" butterfly effect ". Investors will take the initiative to introduce and recommend some excellent early projects to us, which we would like to see." District entrepreneurial guidance center director of the division pointed out that we can not only better support the new entrepreneurs, and they form a benign interaction, but also through the service to the quality of enterprises to stay in Hongkou."

"fruit No. 1" is an enterprise fund investment Ali lake south, to Hongkou in 2014. District entrepreneurial guidance center stationed in the enterprise the next day on the visit, told Hongkou’s support policies. After learning that it has financing needs, through the rainbow Hall of the roadshow activities, fruit 1 was the focus of referrals to help companies docking suitable investors.

in the sense of enthusiasm and good service platform in Hongkou, the final choice is rooted in this area, and successfully built the first fruit Chinese O2O platform, currently has a hundred million yuan level assets. Fruit 1 in Hongkou continue to become bigger and stronger, but also for the quality of entrepreneurial services in Hongkou made invisible propaganda, recommended by them, a number of companies began to take the initiative to contact the relevant departments of Hongkou.

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