Green home products superior market success is quite prominent

now as long as the decoration, environmental protection has become a commonplace topic, and nothing new. With the development of the market, environmental protection is obviously superior, become a lot of people are very concerned about the current hot spots.

value at the end of the decoration season, the reporter visited the building materials market found that this year, the decoration industry still has a lot of new environmental protection materials market. On the one hand is the concept of environmentally friendly products have entered the market, while the emergence of a practical environmental protection materials, the market battle who has more advantages, depending on who is doing more in environmental protection.

"customers to buy your products, price factors accounted for half the proportion of. Now, environmental factors have risen to 30-40%." Fuzhou Rongde Engineering Co. Ltd. ammonium home building materials department director Zhang Shumin said, with the market demand for "react", "environmental protection" is the role change, even in the minds of many consumers, has become the "counter attack" "hero", and price factors influence the purchase decision.

in Xiyingmen Furniture Plaza building materials, a kind of "ransjo No. 1" as a "selling point" of diatom mud products, attracted the attention of reporters. It is understood that the "ransjo No. 1" is a medium, adding diatom mud, diatom mud can decompose formaldehyde, to purify air environmental protection effect. However, this medium is not sold separately, but compared with the brand’s diatom mud distribution.

Compared with the

"add", Dulux this year’s new environmental protection advocates "no added". That is, the product formulation and production process for the addition of formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOC), and only the paint itself comes with trace elements, not enough to affect its environmental attributes.

however, whether it is "add", or "without adding", all components are environmentally-friendly building materials will undoubtedly "beat the masses". Integrated wall is such a material. It is understood that the integration of the wall is currently emerging in Fujian decoration market environmental protection building materials, the composition of the product from inside to outside by the aluminum film protective layer, environmental foam layer and alloy composite layer composition, are environmentally friendly materials.

now as long as people walked into the building materials market, it will not stop asking the clerk whether the product is qualified, compliance with the standards. In fact, this is still the need for professional identification, environmental and physical products are more worthy of investment, easy to profit without worry.


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