Kung fu legend of beef noodles to support what

what is the classic beef noodle taste of beef noodles? It is delicious spicy taste, but now people than before is unique, elusive, the food industry has been the pursuit of innovation so that they can stand in an invincible position, not to be eliminated by the tide of life. At this point there is such a beef shop to do very well.

kung fu legend private beef noodles on the market of ordinary noodles made from spicy flavor, seafood flavor, spicy flavor, sauce, onion flavor and other flavors of pasta, the unique characteristics of the market, the benefit of small, together with various dishes and special sauces, soup of soup boiled or fried, smooth in taste, soft entrance cotton "," easy crisp somersault". The brine is delicious and fragrant, and the meat dish is crisp and refreshing.

kung fu legend private beef noodles on the basis of traditional culture, innovation and strong, with the new doctrine, writing classic interpretation of the new legend, it combines multiple splendid food culture in Taiwan, made a bowl of beef noodles private invincible bone soup, rich taste thick, dedication to the north and South tastes and preferences for different delicacy of people.

the development of private beef noodles is hand pressed, through clever adjustment of flour, alkali, egg ratio, so that private beef noodles filled with wheat flavor and taste of the sun, with homemade beef and vegetables, taste delicious, chives and featured seventeen spices divided successively into refined vegetable oil, long time soaking Aozhi, changes during ten times the furnace and the unique cooking methods, a little sesame oil a room full of fragrance, a drool with envy.

join support:

1, the best store renovation renderings, send store meal boxes.

2, marketing strategy, store location, product positioning.

3, to join a complete set of technical training, giving technical information.

4, free brand management fees.

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5, the late (seasoning freight borne by the headquarters).

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