t’s not a joke to start a business without money

can not spend money to start a business? Many people think that this is simply a fantasy, where there is no money to start a business! Indeed, most of the venture capital projects need to start some money, you can not spend money to start the project is almost nonexistent. So, how can we not spend money to start making money? Xiaobian now introduce you to a few can not spend money to make money trick.

1, the use of food and beverage industry to make money in the gap!

Second, it is willing to find some breakfast boss, let them at five every morning on time supply Soybean Milk, steamed stuffed bun like this Chinese restaurant, because the area is big, the seat, he was in the store selling all kinds of breakfast, as much as possible to meet the needs of customers, the customer quantity up. The cost is low.

summary: a lot of resources are wasted, the waste of resources is a source of income. Internet cafes empty location is a waste, the hotel’s empty room is wasted, the empty seat on the bus is a waste, the idle time of the waiter is wasted…… And so on, as long as you find, and the use of these waste of resources, the formation of a business model can be profitable, you can easily make money.

2, the use of Taobao rules. Do not open the store shop, crazy to buy crazy to sell, do not need to pack, do not need to fill in a single.

As you see in the

3, do not spend a penny to sell potatoes, earn 10000 yuan a day. (suitable for a variety of agricultural products)

a man graduated from high school and went to work, think it is not interesting, then pondering what to do. Once he went to the market to buy food he found inspiration. He found that the price of potatoes, 2 yuan a pound, but also fried recommended

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