Quyang Road, Shanghai Street set up entrepreneurial dream house

in the first half of this year, the State Council proposed to create a variety of entrepreneurial services platform, including a variety of public space, including helping young entrepreneurs. Recently, Quyang Shanghai Road community street has also set up a small customer center for young customers to create a platform for the display and exchange.

11 19, located in Fudan Science Park, Quyang Road Street dream house officially launched. It consists of Quyang road construction investment planning and implementation, together with the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics business school, by way of government procurement of services to entrust the third party social organizations, is a set of "creating coffee, creative incubators, business support, the results show a comprehensive open collaborative business service platform.

in Quyang entrepreneurial success of Hu Kedong, the ongoing site "roadshow", introduces the new situation of enterprise development and planning for the future including the investors of the audience. He told reporters, from enterprise location to apply for subsidies, Quyang street to give a lot of help, LUKA music with digital image project of their own design, has been successfully to the entrepreneurial rookie in Shanghai city in 2015 the final contest. After the start of the entrepreneurial dream house, the streets help me butt mentor entrepreneurs, the project has a better prospect and support."

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