The blood of breast BRANDED wolfberry health network female quail egg

nutritionist sifanghua: BRANDIED breast egg is a very traditional food (breast food), including fermentation enzymes, active substances and B vitamins (vitamin food) is conducive to the development of breast.

quail eggs are rich in protein (protein food), B vitamins and vitamin A, E, etc.. Wolfberry fruit is nourishing liver and kidney Jiapin, but also beauty (beauty food) raw materials commonly used in foods, particularly rich in vitamin A content.

breast removal effect, these foods can promote the absorption of nutrients, so that women (women face more moisture moving food). GOOD caution: tonic effect is stronger than the quail egg egg, but if there are special circumstances, can also use the egg.

is better than egg yolk protein, which is good for breast development. So never leave the egg yolk. Fermented wolfberry: wolfberry, raw quail egg, fermented quail egg spices: rock sugar, starch: quail egg cooked, peeled, medlar bulging with warm water, set aside.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

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