Odd fish fish give you different fish experience

is now living a high water quality, people’s pursuit of nature is not the same, and the consumption of food is not only a full picture, but also requires delicious not tacky, which requires the display of your product features. Xiao Bian today to introduce a series of fish.

said the fish, flash in people’s mind and the palm is often fish or dried fish, like beef and mutton string directly into the charcoal, put a little salt, pepper and other spices, cooked instant. The improvement of living standards, more and more attention to eat fish, fish fish baked odd. So well, the money is in a complete mess to cool.

odd fish fish, from rock and soil in Shennongjia area, a lot of trace elements of selenium, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, has good therapeutic effect on the human body. Lock water, make no nutrition loss saved in fish. No fire cooking the whole Ming smoke, just with bottom, put the cooked fish, poured their bottom material juice ingredients, after clacked, stonefish azeotropic.

odd fish fish

odd fish fish secret Chili oil base "2 edition", is a vegetable oil and chili powder, add a variety of seasonings after high temperature fused, a spicy, spicy, spicy and many other flavors, with lemon grass stems for penetrating into the fish drill in fish, barbecue in the process of Lemongrass citral and citronella aldehydes volatile, so the fish with lemon, citrus and mint flavors and aromas of personality. The special fish sauce to climb the hill, rockfish as the core, plus two tasty fishy ginger Vitex pepper, pepper southwest flavor, adding a variety of spices and fresh salt, mixed fermentation status climb rockfish, sealing half party brew success really delicious, "tongue" of praise.

in addition, types of odd fish fish is also very much, a style close to the ordinary life of grassroots Pro hip-hop fish, no matter who can feel the deep sense of intimacy; there are energetic, crazy DJ bar to eat fish, music fish is dynamic; there is a small fresh art fan. Fish, small fresh, young artists like the petty bourgeoisie quiet elegant, with a large number of white-collar and students of mainstream tastes; more entertainment sing mode of delicious fish, add KTV dynamic interactive mode of singing performance in line with the mainstream of today’s food, also can enjoy the delicious.

odd fish rich fish, once launched, stores Shirupozhu, real small investment, quick return, cool to

in a complete mess!

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