What is the location of the shop tips

No matter what

is to open stores, need according to the analysis of products, market conditions, the comprehensive advantages of choosing suitable location. There are even people on the market to help people siting, showing its importance. Shop location skills, with a small series to see it.

A city will be divided into several

location two, catch big pinch

the quasi main road intersection, to build the image of the store standard will store up the image of a unified increase, and chain store height. If possible, the main body of the whole building and the color of the curtains fitted into the enterprise VI system in line with the color of the other, far more harmonious and beautiful, can enhance the visual impact. For rent prices lower back street (hutong), community, urban-rural and other location, to close to residential areas, medical institutions as the principle, the closer the better, especially local competitors nearby, who is close to a small step, it may open a big sale.

three, forget the location of shop in shop

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