Pan Shiyi’s extraordinary life

has experienced from the violence from the poor to rich entrepreneurial way, see all the ways of the world, grasp the method of riches, riches Pan Shiyi life is striking one snag after another. Dominate the real estate industry, Pan Shiyi’s rich history, it is worth exploring.

in China, talking about the real estate situation is almost impossible not to talk about the SOHO Chinese company of Pan Shiyi, he developed real estate sales accounted for nearly half of the Beijing CBD area, he will never change the sign image continuously appeared in various forums, media, outdoor advertising. In September 1st, Pan Shiyi is the founder of SOHO Chinese 10 anniversary of the day, he had a Yikusitian to reporters about "tough popular" before the gold rush road.

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Sitting in the

1991 in the second half of the year, Hainan’s economy is suffering from the first low tide. And many of the gold rush, Pan Shiyi and Feng Lun several people all day long removed from the Haikou street food stalls, bathing beach, "boring when riding a bicycle around the island, come back to have beards." There is a period of time, a woman and several of them went fairly close, we think that congenial, often a drink and chat.

until one day, he came to Ms. Pan Feng registered "Wantong company" visited his office, then Frence leave. Years later, when Pan Ouran met the lady again, he did not forget to ask. The lady said, "the only thing you have on your desk is a thick layer of dust, and such a person, really afraid of!"

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