Zhengzhou improve the initial venture capital subsidies to help college students employment and Entr

with the current surge in employment pressure, just graduated from college students want to find a satisfactory job is not easy. In order to solve the employment pressure of college students, the Zhengzhou municipal government has targeted measures to help.

college graduates want to find a satisfactory job, is not an easy thing. This year, Zhengzhou will establish a real name system for them to conduct targeted employment services. This is the reporter learned from the March 16th meeting held in Zhengzhou employment information.

According to reports, in 2012, Zhengzhou, at least to receive more than 90 thousand college graduates, at present, a large number of personnel in the employment trainee, training, or are applying for a job, the total pressure on the big

. In order to do the employment of college graduates this year, Zhengzhou plans to do five things for the college graduates, which has not yet been carried out on the employment of college graduates in investigation and employment assistance activities focus on twinning of college graduates three years of school leavers unemployed; organization of enterprise into the campus recruitment activities; organize private enterprises recruitment Week activities; the implementation of college graduates start to lead the program, entrepreneurship training into campus activities, issuing small loans for qualified college graduates; employment of college graduates on the job training, arrange graduates in the city’s 160 training base.

this year, Zhengzhou city will play 20 million yuan of special funds of the national entrepreneurship, the initial entrepreneurial college graduates and employment difficulties helping entrepreneurs subsidies by 1000 yuan per person increased to 2000 yuan, the selection for entrepreneurial businesses based on demonstration households, enjoy the preferential policies provided on the given 5000 yuan venture advanced reward. The registered urban unemployed, the transfer of rural labor employment, college graduates in urban and rural areas, no further studies graduating high school graduates, each person can enjoy a occupation training subsidy, subsidy standard on the basis of 400~600 yuan, to raise at least 200 yuan. Through a series of supportive policies to ensure that the initial employment rate of graduates reached more than 80%.

to support students in employment through entrepreneurship, Zhengzhou national entrepreneurship play through the role of special funds 20 million yuan to support the initial entrepreneurial graduates and employment difficulties, the implementation of a series of policies to support entrepreneurship, to ensure that the employment rate of College graduates.

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