Papi sauce let the video business wind blowing

do not know if you have recently watching a popular video, the video is Papi sauce, love her very funny and always make people uproarious, Tucao, also let the wind blowing in the video business, a lot of people want to imitate her become red, then Papi is what secret sauce?

2016 beginning of the year, there is a phenomenon on the Internet topic Papi sauce + content entrepreneurship". Suddenly, the talent and beauty in a woman to become a media platform to discuss the reds. March 2016, Papi sauce get real fund, Luo thinking, light capital and the total capital of 12 million of the star map financing, valuation of about 120 million. Papi sauce of the fire can be seen, it is easy to conclude from these phenomena: short video content entrepreneurial opportunities come.

why video content business will fire?

relative to the text, the lower the cost of video reading, suitable for fragmented consumer scenarios, not afraid of being interrupted. Video more intuitive, more abundant information, it is easier to achieve funny, touching, sensational many effects, these are some of the advantages of the video itself, why video content business will now fire it?

first, people consume video lower threshold, high-definition, large screen mobile devices more and more popularity, 4G and WIFI network more and more popularity, which reduces the video consumption threshold; second, video content more optional, consumer demand for video was inspired, no longer confined to television or video the website, mobile devices have brought many new contents, such as live video, short video, video… Third, video production has now become profitable, more rich business model, point praise, show, pay, net red, and so on, more folk experts will join.

content industry rise signs are generally folk master into the Council, the past is a small part of the professional video production, now more and more production by folk master, from the PGC era into the UGC era, video content industry has been activated, more and more people will appear as grassroots.

a large number of entrepreneurs flocked to content entrepreneurship has long been

said the content of entrepreneurship, in fact, not new. As early as the end of 2012 Luo Zhenyu started a short video talk show logical thinking, and complete the B on Financing in October 2015, so a lot of content entrepreneurs see hope; in September 2015, Ma Dong left Iqiyi founded independent content production company mewe media, began to create original content; in January 2016, a domestic mobile audio content of enterprise strategic cooperation website Himalaya FM and new list; 2016 Youku will invest 10 billion resources to create premium content, plans to launch more than 50 member custom series.

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