E bags wash entrepreneurial story for the Tencent investment had promised to reveal all the details

The advantages of

[Abstract]e bag wash O2O mode is to store service, can greatly reduce the cost of laundry into individual groups.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 30th

the past two years, washing O2O e bags wash enterprise development is very rapid, respectively by the Tencent, Matrix Jingwei Angel round and A round of investment, in August this year, e wash bags obtained by Baidu led a $100 million investment and financing, e wash bags became an Internet company unicorn.

is the overall decline in the O2O industry, e bags wash development situation is good, however, e bags wash started not so smooth. E bag washing is more than 20 years from the laundry process of the transformation of the O2O brand in Rongchang, the transition has been difficult.

e bag wash chairman Zhang Rongyao recently said Tencent technology, before the establishment of e bag wash, he has experienced nearly more than and 10 years of hard setbacks and grievances, took a lot of detours. In order to e bag wash this day, but also the sacrifice of the house, stock and many other opportunity costs.

Zhang Rongyao is a lot of entrepreneurs is much older, story to the young man could not, but he is a duty bound to the transition, in order to attract Tencent angel investment, Tencent to let Zhang Rongyao e wash bags for 3 months, also promised to reveal all the details.

if the e bag wash lost money, I pay the bill, back to Tencent certain interest." Zhang Rongyao said that this is why Tencent agreed Angel round of investment, otherwise the boss of this traditional business transformation, the risk of a large partnership with the mobile Internet young people.

"I keep in the laundry industry for more than and 10 years, no breakthrough in my life would be finished, with WeChat, the opportunity finally came, I never miss, I do e bags wash is the worst is to throw the helve after the hatchet, investment, naught."

Zhang Rongyao bet win, e bag wash 3 months of development is very smooth, seize the laundry O2O tuyere. Today, the basic e bag wash off the traditional business, but also launched the parent brand small e housekeeper, to the end of 2016 in the country has 1 million small e housekeeper.

founder e bag wash before refusing 60 million investment

at the end of June 2013, Zhang Rongyao has not launched e wash bags, still in the fight of traditional Rongchang laundry business. This time, a traditional corporate investors want to invest in Rongchang laundry, has completed due diligence, before and after spending 190 thousand to $60 million to the account.

Zhang Rongyao politely refused to enter the final thinking, this institution, because Zhang Rongyao wanted to use the mobile Internet and electricity supplier to Rongchang washing the traditional enterprise transformation. Zhang Rongyao’s dream is to find the same value as their investors.

declined to 60 million yuan of investment, let Zhang Rongyao feel uneasy, because it means refusing to invest in its traditional business of death. Put two roads in front of Zhang Rongyao: 1, back to the mobile.

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