Shops want a good face is very important business

shop area is different, different position, sales will be different, but for a farm shop, to create a high volume of sales is not an easy thing, but the store did this. A small farm supermarket, nearly 500 monthly sales of cigarettes, sales profit of more than 6000 yuan, which really makes the surrounding farming, working as the main source of income of the neighbors envy. This is how the rural supermarket to achieve such a considerable profit, what are the tricks?

with these questions, the reporter walked into the city before the date of the 206 in the road of rural supermarket – Shandong Cao Jia Bo Cun Xin Qi Department Store supermarket.

into Xin Qi Department store supermarket, clean, refreshing store let the spirit of a vibration. Shop popular, several seemingly familiar with the owner who sit in the store or watch TV or chat with the boss; in different regions of the goods neatly, give a person a kind of exposure to the supermarket chain illusion, in contrast to the layout of many rural supermarket stores scattered, chaotic, rough the.

do rely on popular trading, the environment is comfortable for everyone to come. If the store is a mess, not to mention the customer door, he also can not afford to look at the spirit." That reporters had come, the enthusiasm of the supermarket boss Song Zhaoxi straight to the point.

more than and 50 year old Song Zhaoxi behavior between wearing a smart and capable farmer. In 2000, the national new opportunities for many years before he took the village, opened a small farm supermarket.

at first, the lack of experience of Song Zhaoxi placed in the store design, goods totally in the extensive state, the cramped space more tense does not say, but also often for some of the less popular items to move the box down cabinet, many customers rankled.

with the continuous accumulation of experience and learning to observe good peers, not the status quo of the Song Zhaoxi began brewing change to the shop to create "good face", hoping to achieve the upgrade file management.

as long as there is time, I will go to the county seat, the city is relatively prosperous business stores, chain stores, supermarkets to steal school, look at how people shop layout, how to receive consumers." Song Zhaoxi said, although we are rural stores, but the standard can not stay at a low level. Rich farmers pay more and more attention to the quality of life, shopping environment has begun to pick up."

look, minded Song Zhaoxi gradually touched the doorway: some stores to keep clean, to put goods classified, FMCG should be put in place to get new customers, to be placed in a prominent position……

in Xin Qi Department Store Supermarket image gradually to chain >

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