The story of catering marketing strategy

story, not only the children love to listen to, we adults prefer to listen, because the story can help us to judge the authenticity of something. In the catering industry, you will find a lot of good restaurants do big are telling their own stories, many of the success of the restaurant will also tell you must learn to tell the story, then why these big dining to tell the story? The main reasons are the following.

food and beverage marketing strategy of storytelling

first, these things can clear the connotation of the catering brand

grandma is a typical example, referred to my grandmother’s home, to consumers feel warm and kind, grandma in an apron in the kitchen, leaving grandma old table laughing this picture consumers can imagine. In addition to the Zhuge fish brand, the story tells the story of the brand, rich connotation clear, consumers have good


second, these things can strengthen the concept of food and beverage brands

has a small officer Lee restaurant, this restaurant mainly tells the story of filial piety, but also opened China’s first filial piety culture theme restaurant, the restaurant opened also caused a lot of sympathy, but also to the restaurant very accurately expressed, compared with other theme restaurant brand the idea is very prominent.

third, manufacturing topics for everyone to focus on

restaurant regardless of how to play, the purpose is to let everyone pay attention to you, such as the Banu every year held a new conference, the new conference makes a lot of idiotic powder are very concerned, but also improve the Banu fame, this means the obvious realization of attention purpose, method of producing thousands of topics, there are many other the method can be done, it depends on how you play


now we all know why those big restaurants are telling the story of it, in fact, there are a lot of routines!

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