Xiaobian to share with you the 10 guiding principles of start-ups

entrepreneurship, is a lot of people close to the dream of the first step. On the road to embark on this venture, everyone’s heart will look forward to success. They will shed blood, sweat and tears for the company they built. But if you want to create the enterprise can enter the ranks of successful enterprises, you need to abide by certain principles.

MichaelE.Gerber is a true legend in the entrepreneurs, in the past 25 years, he has helped change in 145 countries more than 7 enterprises. When he worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, he summed up the principles that these successful companies need to follow.

"principle" in the Oxford dictionary is the meaning, basic truths and ideas, as a basic belief and behavior or a series of reasoning. The principle of an enterprise is the driving force for success. They are the backbone of the organization. MichaelE.Gerber believes that the following 10 principles constitute the birth of the world’s most successful small businesses.


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system you must be aware of a small enterprise is a system, each part of the system has effect on overall success and failure. In such a system, everything must work together, from employees to presidents, from equipment to resources.



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the autonomy of a small enterprise is not the creator of a part of life, but, in fact, the enterprise itself is a present. A small business has his own life, serves God, and finds the reason of being in it

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