Webmaster first year dozens of traffic camera station, but earned six thousand

really didn’t want to write this article, because that period was also a period of great decline for me. But also because that year has now mutual transmission webmaster Net – God of wealth! Before I began to learn to do the first year of site, is my most passionate, but also the most down and out period. I told you that I used to be a part-time webmaster, and that period was when I just got into touch with the Internet (just talking about Q and the like) and really got me hooked on the industry.


, let me talk about the experience of building this station,

in 2008, I met a few students who did Internet. They opened BMW to pick me up for 2 days. I didn’t let me pay any money while I was eating. And told me a lot about the Internet world. I was envious of the large amount of money they got from the postal service. But let me really love this industry, I saw my friend only half an hour to work (update) let me feel how to make money so simple, some very nice web pages and knock code. It makes me feel amazing. They had several tens of thousands of QQ stations at that time, all of which were GOOGLE advertisements. Each station, they say, basically has tens of thousands of revenue, because they use a cheating means to make advertising clicks several times higher than the price. (then they all played with women.)

after 2 days of contact, let me have to do the webmaster decision. That kind of admiration for online money is never done. Later, I went back to Shenzhen (working in Shenzhen for 5000 to 6000 months) and kept thinking about it. The real outbreak was after an unpleasant incident with my boss, and I immediately resigned and began to explore the road to my own network. Because I do not want to take refuge in my friends, I feel mixed up, we go to find, may be people may be disgusted. Is their first mix of practice basic skills first. And other real knowledge and ability in this regard, it is not too late to look for.

quit his job after I gave up in the Luohu side of the housing, and friends in flat-share xiameilin. Because here rent cheaper, then spent 3000 dollars to Huaqiang North to engage in a computer, and began to self life. At that time I set myself goals, half a year must learn to build their own sites, but also to build a profitable website. I just wanted to do part-time work on the Internet because I usually work 12 hours. If I go to work, I have no time to study, so I quit my job and study for myself. At that time, I went to the bookstore to buy a lot of books about it, but later I found these books were not practical.

at that time of day and night in front of the computer science. Sometimes a question is understood for a single day, but it’s really fun when it comes to understanding. That year, most people were talking about Li Xiang on the Internet, and A5 was just beginning to become famous.

It took

half a year for me to do it myself

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