Offline road congestion spawned generation plugging company online webmaster can do

turns on the television every day, turns to CCTV news channel, usually is broadcasting 6 PM’s "common attention", then does other matters, listens to the news. This is a habit that has been developed. I don’t know whether CCTV’s brand convinced me, or the news channel’s information is really my concern, in short, this is already a subconscious behavior. Just like the Spring Festival Gala every year and the news broadcast at seven every day, these have become the habits and customs of every chinese. Every new year’s Eve, must open the Spring Festival evening; seven points every day, always can remember the news broadcast that familiar music. The habit of strengthening the behavior of some Months and years pass by., has penetrated into the nature of life in. Figure the king said, how to make certain activities A5 forum to become the "Chinese heart seven news", very difficult, but not impossible.

said today’s "common concern" broadcast a news: Ji’nan road congestion, the birth of "generation plugging company"". Road congestion has become a city can not help but face the pain, there are car owners, the most depressing should be traffic jam. On the one hand, it is convenient to have a car; on the other hand, traffic jam is a problem that can not be avoided. Just imagine, if there is an emergency, but was long traffic jam team limited in the middle of the road, go forward, no door, no road back, really crazy. If someone really can not only put your card in the traffic jam in the car to the designated place, speed can take you to the destination, not Yoshiya? "Blocking company" came into being, many people help stuck dealing with these situations, it is quite considerate, is really awesome.

, I lamented the first "generation plug", the legal thinking of unlimited, but also lamented why he did not think such a wonderful idea. Think of the A5 version on Thursday, almost every guest will have to say: "the opportunity is everywhere, the opportunity for those who are prepared". Luo Dan also said that life is not a lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery. Internet business opportunities, but the lack of discovery, but how to find the United States and found opportunities, but no one said the answer. I don’t know the idea of "generation plugging". Who is the first one to think of it? He should be a good man of discovery in his life.

as an individual webmaster, if the line of "generation plugging company" grafting to the Internet, is not it also a train of thought?. Personal webmaster may not have the time and energy to engage in professional "generation plug", but can play their own advantages, collecting, sorting "generation plug" information. "Generation plugging company" appears, there must be market demand, and on the Internet, there is no relevant similar "generation plugging network", "generation plugging forum", but the Internet users have this demand. I was searching the Internet a lot, only a few articles reproduced in the media reports and news, special "blocking" related information, the website also did not appear, because it is a new idea, yet universal, if you see this message, and broadcast to the Internet, is not also won the


newspapers, television, the Internet are connected, who can not replace who, like this "generation plugging company", originally appeared in a newspaper in Ji’nan, and then television media, CCTV

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