Online marketing study two blog marketing promotion

then the last time the individual entry contact network marketing to write it, this is the theme of "blog marketing" is one of the learning experience, the process step by step in second very effective way of network marketing in my work.

as a rule, let’s get to know blog marketing first.

what is blog marketing? Blog marketing is through the blog forum website or blog contact bloggers and browsing, using blogger personal knowledge, interests and life experiences such as information dissemination product marketing activities. To explain what blogging is, start with what blogs are about. Now the concept of the blog has been introduced very much, the concept of blog description is similar, in short, the blog is the network log (network diary), the English word for BLOG (WEB LOG abbreviation).

related blog marketing concept and the enterprise blog marketing blog, etc., these are also from the perspective of community blog application description, the main difference that personal blog for personal interest even for the content of personal privacy. In fact, whether called enterprise blog or blog marketing or general blog is a personal act (of course, does not rule out a collective writing the same theme of the blog, but in May) writing content and the starting point is different: the enterprise blog marketing blog or have a clear business marketing purposes, blog more or less with the enterprise marketing color.

blog marketing purpose: through the blog promotion enterprise or individual brand, product, website.

skills and experience:

1: blog promotion should pay attention to the promotion of products or brands, so the blog page must be in good planning section, between the plate and the plate should be concise, clear, and in the establishment of each section should have a purpose of promoting your product or brand.

2: Bowen is the essence of blog marketing, good article content to attract readers to browse, do not blindly to promote brand promotion for the purpose.

3: blog content planning is very important, like the magazine, planning different pages, each page of the theme is different, for example: before I do is a pet beauty school promotion, then I will plan the following sections:

(1) enterprise or positive dynamic information about this project;

(2) lists a quiz module, this module is to collect users want to know the knowledge, such as how much money is needed to learn pet beauty, pet beauty difficult, and users are very concerned about the problem, detailed modules, to facilitate customers to browse.

(3) user experience articles (listing the students’ feelings and experiences in school)

(4) positive news in the industry (such as: prospects, about pet beautician in the industry salary class of positive news) "

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