Webmaster circle to the wind vane, all play from the media

today by chance in Baidu search from the media this keyword, and the right of a few people’s head really surprised me. Cheng Lingfeng Luo Zhenyu, the two leaders from the media we are not unfamiliar! Third Shen sound looks like old before the partnership, I search, there are news reports say they saw two trouble breaking news. Today’s focus is not on the three of them, but today’s focus is on Fourth People – Lu Songsong.

people inside the ring, I’ve heard Lu Songsong’s name. And search from the media keywords to bring out the relevant search Lu Songsong, which shows what? More and more webmaster began to pay attention to the media. And more and more webmaster may have one foot has stepped into the media circles, of course, Feng Dongyang, I have become a half from the media,



why do webmasters start playing from the media?

many of my friends around me have given up their maintenance of a few years old site, some friends give up is because their website operation for several years, but no gain! Let this bitter webmaster feel a get disheartened! Cheng Ling Feng monthly income of about 200000 of the myth, also let the webmaster ready to do more! From the media at random, a WeChat public number, a micro-blog, or a IT channel column, it is enough to make up the media since the "home"


and do webmaster? Every day, forced to send the article, and some even insist on writing every day, original. Once the algorithm finally was to bring down the search engine WeChat recently! It’s so many rash and too much in haste, webmaster heart, decided to give up the old, from the media to! Maybe, an article will pull into the ranks of the big coffee! The moment, oneself have become a self the media star


webmaster good for playing from the media,


when the webmaster racking his head from the media in this circle inside, but found that, since the media is not imagined so beautiful! No good writing, write Nabuchushou! When was rejected again and again against the owners only recognize that not every webmaster can play good from the media! Have some professional fields, but may not be able to write to write out, must not throw the ball to the large media platform


doesn’t have the resources or the money, and it’s not easy to get mixed up in the media, or you can make hot news, or you can get along with a media star. On the whole, either you have talent or you have money, otherwise, or honestly do webmaster!


from the media can bring opportunities for the webmaster,


can say that we have caught up with a good time, Baidu’s hundred, Sohu news from the media platform, 360 from the media and so on, you can say that the Internet is open to the spirit of slowly spread >!

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