Departure from the light model is still in the original copy of the ofo who can hold for how long

five months ago, Zhu Xiaohu, a venture partner at Jinsha River, made a bold prediction that a shared bike would end the war in 3 months. But from now on, Zhu Xiaohu’s high-profile propaganda does not bring the war ended bicycle sharing, but the beginning of barbaric growth.


just a few months time, ofo out of the campus, v-mobile bike out of the deep North of Guangzhou, many regional shared bicycle entrepreneurs begin to emerge. According to incomplete statistics, only in 2016, there are more than and 30 companies to enter the field of shared bikes, with a hundred car wars to describe this emerging market does not seem too. As Uber drops and reconstruction of the Chinese travel market, also in the "sharing economy" coat of bicycle market, travel is regarded as the "last mile" spoiler.

indeed, the market is more than Zhu Xiaohu’s expectations, the excitement of entrepreneurs is also beyond the majority of the pre judgment, but the media has given these bad news:

February 9, 2017, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that ofo shared bicycle was locked in a cell phone store was locked, passers-by ready to ride but was forced to stop riding the electric car owner.

February 9, 2017, modern express said the Nanjing Gulou District some shared bike is stuck with 3 two-dimensional code scan code is found after false information transfer.

, February 9, 2017, Yunnan network reported that a 13 year old boy riding a bike unlocked because of an accident, resulting in a right hand fracture.

February 9, 2017, Liberation Daily issued a document called the vigorous and students sharing bicycle attracted a large number of people riding the subway station in front of the door, but because the disorderly parking has become a disaster area".


light is a day in February 9th, there are as many as 4 media reports of a shared bicycle accident. In fact, since September last year, sharing the bike rage, like theft, security, and other reports placed behind has reflected the emerge in an endless stream, lack of sharing of bicycle in user experience and management etc.. One side is the capital ho throw and the fast pace of market development, one side is repeated in the market chaos, why


shared bike is still in the "copy"

it seems to be a way to share the birth of a bicycle.

at the end of August 2016, v-mobile bike in Beijing from Shanghai, and finally to the stage from behind the scenes in the media attention after this, ofo, a small blue bicycle, bicycle, riding a bicycle, then step by your bicycle, CCbike the game player to have emerged, the capital began to rapidly into the market.

on the one hand, after a long time did not share the bicycle market precipitation, such a large and rapid market expansion, the laws and regulations are incomplete, the society will inevitably lead to "adverse effects"; on the other hand, in addition to Mobell bicycle was born in 2015>

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