See how website editors get high-quality original articles

is a website editor, a look at is very beautiful, but who knows the drudgery of personal sorrow and joy. Younger brother, my body is very bad originally, ever since when the website editor of a irrigation net, the body still has few days to be better. For example, how to get the news and technical information of the website, this is enough to give me a headache for a few days. Because our website is an irrigation industry e-commerce sites, belonging to the vertical B2B industry network. The content of the website is roughly as follows: industry news, market quotation, technical information, policy and regulation, product propaganda, enterprise propaganda, e-commerce, etc..

basically is all around the business services, like entertainment or literature that is very easy, just a search on tens of thousands of websites, millions of that kind of information. The editor of the industry Web site really bad when, at least himself to the first half of this year, just know Diaocheng, not long after the meat. Through the first half of the year to very busy, very tired, dead of exploration, summed up the following personal experience, put out the sun, all the while please Paizhuan Paizhuan, please despite the watering watering.

1, in order to obtain high quality articles, by collecting or reproduced all day, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of long-term, even worse is that our industry reporters rarely, not much news, even want to have no chance of acquisition. Therefore, all things ask for help, as well as yourself, and write it yourself. Many of our corporate news on the website is that members of the unit provide material for us to write.

2, we all know, write your own to spend a lot of time, but also to his good expertise, even so, write every day, every night, even if we are gifted children Jianglang at last will do. This time I can find someone to write, although this utilitarian society to find people to write more difficult, but I still have to come from friends, a few manuscripts.

3, reprinted, targeted reprint, see good reprint, timely reprint. Our website is do water saving irrigation, such as I am a nongyewang found a "drip irrigation technology" or in the Water Conservancy Bureau found the place of high efficient water-saving irrigation project for farmers, and my site is not, it must be the first time around. Of course, we are a purely e-commerce site, such as "certain star split" such news, we will not turn.

4, very regret that in the school did not learn professional courses, and did not cherish the teacher sent courseware, then how big a fortune, and now think of this, I am crazy. The professional technology, to find out after graduation is not easy, we have professional articles and papers generally only in professional magazines or is "Chinese" HowNet "VIP information" in these databases, but the database download these things in the campus are free of charge. And their professional did not learn, I would like to write their own can not break it out, how can not be crazy ah?.

of course, my brother, I still go through a lot of professional PDF files through Google Baidu, although some encryption can not copy >

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