Some ideas about host computer at home and abroad

recently, the company launched the U.S. mainframe. I was surprised when I saw the foreigner’s service. Foreigners host hardware costs are really low, plus bandwidth, a month is only about 200 yuan RMB. Each server rents only $290 a quarter. As far as the price is concerned, the trust fees in China are not enough. The original application of the Panama computer room IP, and want to replace with the United States, it gave foreigners feedback. Look, they have a good home page, free technical support within 30 days. At ten in the evening, foreigners began to work, also reply to my message. At first sight, we charge 75 dollars and half an hour’s service charge. Otherwise, they will work. Reckon they must at least busy seven or eight days. I continued using the IP in Panama. After 2 days, I log onto the technical support platform to check their messages and ask 2 times. Do I need to replace them? If not, make sure. This shows that foreigners are very responsible, and this spirit we have seen for the first time. After the two confirmation, it was settled.

through this, understand a few points:

1, foreign products and services are separated from the do. Third industry is really a service industry, customer service consciousness is very strong. We need to learn IDC at home. Domestic big cities are estimated to keep up with, we are also expected to wait for such second tier cities. Now shopping, buy something, counter-offer to death, but also to businesses without profit. I feel like I’m taking a lot of money. We also encounter this type of hosting space. Special flat-share we launched the 1G send 100M database, it has to cost cheap, even lower prices to customers. The price is really low in the downtown area. High salary, rent, traffic and so on are not small numbers. The client is anxious for you to give him the cost price. What about it? Give him the cost price and think you made a lot of money and give you control over your earnings. This is not a small number. To serve well, have to ask cattle point of technology; to be a good attitude, please be good tempered, a sense of customer service it; to have the brains of the boss to stabilize the enterprise, have to profit…… There’s so much, you have to contribute something. Enterprise is not the enterprise itself is doing, in fact, the vast numbers of customers doing together. Only by providing you with quality service can you ensure a long-term business. Only by mutual understanding can you cooperate better. Most domestic enterprises package their products and services, and customers always feel that they do not need services at the time of their choice. Always feel service empty point. In fact, otherwise, take the host. If your site access error, how to do? A dozen pieces of things hosting a year, but also ask others to maintain it? If you can handle independently, buy products, choose the right price is feasible. The key is now a lot of customers are new procedures, he chose low-cost space, it is difficult to obtain services. Although there are many enterprises under the banner of high quality brand, flicker novice, but it does not mean the whole industry.

2, the difference between unlimited and unlimited. Foreign space is not limited in size and cheap. Is that good? Unlimited space does not mean unlimited resources. The biggest mistake in buying space right now is looking at space

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