Old electricity supplier catwalk Nirvana how to break the dilemma of luxury electricity supplier

Abstract: Airborne business elite has not brought about the rapid growth expected, foreign executives, each person has their own The climate does not suit one., work style, so intertwined, interpersonal relationships become the norm.


four years ago, as the founder of Wenhong got the catwalk, Ji Chinese business the largest ever B round of financing: American Chinese flat (Warburg Pincus) $100 million. In that year, the customer completed the $100 million E round. Vip.com completed the $50 million B round, still goods network completed $50 million in the C round, Jingdong still not big, Ali has not yet listed. Everything looks so good. But soon, the wind has changed and the industry has entered a reshuffle. Lively luxury goods and related electricity providers quickly moved into silence, including catwalk.

May 2015, stealth has been long catwalk network once again return, this time, it took the transition fashion electronic business platform after the first results, as well as just completed the C round of 30 million U.S. financial resources appear in the public view. At this time, people just noticed, as a veteran of the electricity supplier company, rivers and lakes have long been no legend of it. In these four years, the catwalk experienced what? Why high-end electricity providers can not break through? Silent show how to reverse?

dormancy and transformation

luxury electricity supplier has been called "a never blow" assembly number". Domestic luxury electricity providers are facing the biggest threshold is the international supply chain problems. This has a direct bearing on the stability of the supply and the core of the goods. This has been a difficult problem. Domestic electricity providers are difficult to get brand authorization and build their own supply chain. Only through third party agents to purchase goods, quality and service are difficult to guarantee. This has been a sore point among consumers and industry. Luxuries network, enjoy the network, vip.com, the temple library network, Tianpin net, poly mesh products, share and network, Huha network luxury website, because of limitations and other reasons, industry and resources or transformation, or collapse, or sell, can not escape the catwalk. After the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore Xipan after surviving luxury electric business website looking for breakout opportunity, hope can go out of the dilemma.

practice has proved that pure luxury electricity supplier is not a sustainable business model. Domestic luxury electricity providers basically adopt international common low prices and discounts. Therefore, the domestic luxury electricity supplier to sell luxury goods, profits are not objective. For consumers, the possibility of repeat purchases of luxury goods is relatively low, users are easily lost. In Ji’s view, luxury is only part of the top part of the fashion electricity supplier in Pyramid, the larger market is from a larger number of fashion brands.

dormant for several years, dedicated to the supply chain and fashion platform to build, catwalk finally handed out a different data: in 2013, registered users less than 3 million, by 2015, this figure exceeds 1>

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