The site that Baidu doesn’t record

I finished the Wenzhou takeaway network, had been thinking, why Baidu is not included? Good pain, waited three months has not been included, really strange, also before, why not search? The address is: you see is not included. So far, it hasn’t been included,

first, I did not do harm; second, I did not collect; third, content is perfectly normal. Later, there was no way to change a domain name It hasn’t been entered for two weeks, and it hasn’t been entered for another two weeks.

Are not included in

for a month, this time I really worry, think there must be a way! And with the revision of half a month, and spent half a month has not been included, this is really no way, do not look at their site by site, really want to have a heart to scold of course, also called


later after a friend pointing, first step: the site keywords, their list; the second step: to make good use of some similar tags; the third step: let each page themselves have a different unique key; the fourth step: is that we must adhere to! Every day continue to promote.

asked me what? I was stupid, go to the forum, blog, no matter what, as long as you let your hair, your hair! Do it for a week or was collected, now search Wenzhou takeaway net, ranked third; ranked seventh search takeaway net. I’m still working on it,


also hope that this method can bring you the corresponding harvest, I am also a rookie, but also hope that we do not mind!


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