Web development needs a long-term goal not short-sighted

there is a proverb is short-sighted, the school told us to see things to the long-term goal and look far ahead from a high plane, can not be ignored to the immediate interests of the stand high to see far, in order to ensure their own development in the fierce competition in the industry. Whether it is website, or personal career planning, should have a long-term plan, do long-term things.

A5 bbs.admin5.com is a forum for many webmaster love shopping forum, because it can communicate, access to information, also can send the chain, improve the site exposure, many webmaster is in the hair of the chain around the target A5. As A5 forum, not only for the webmaster to provide a hair chain platform, A5 BBS aims to do Adsense trading platform, do Internet information collection place. A5 has shut down the hyperlink for long – term goals and web development, though it may lose some users, but that’s the only way to achieve the ultimate goal, whether or not the webmaster likes the change.


1 site needs a long-term development goal.

many people began to webmaster career interest dictates, that website is an interesting thing, to the owners of the road is not deliberate, is accidentally started. But no matter for what reason, begin stationmaster career, do a website to should have long-term development target. Website to long-term development, profit model and the direction of development must be clear. The website does not have a good development model, it is difficult to obtain user recognition, naturally no development; without a good way of profit, the site can not be long. Without profit, it means no material base, no basic guarantee, what kind of spirit development, how long?

no matter what type of website, should have a long-term goal and development plan, no direction, the website development process may deviate from the target, there will be many unexpected problems, causing the site to give up halfway development.

2 don’t give up big profits in order to make small profits.

website development will not follow the planned route, the development of the road will always appear some unexpected situation, sometimes good things, sometimes trouble. If you are in trouble, natural to think of a way to solve and overcome, then move on; but if it is a small small profit, it is likely to affect the judgment of the webmaster. The characteristics of human nature determine that human beings will lose their way when they are in the interests of the people. When there is a temptation of small interests in the development of the website, how will the webmaster grasp it?

, for example, the development of a certain forum, a certain stage of the forum’s popularity and flow have reached a certain height, but the forum is not profitable, the development deviated from the original plan direction. It is at once to adjust the direction, to give up part of users and traffic, or let the forum continue to do so, abandon the original direction, formulates the profit model? At this time, a certain stage under high flow and high popularity may be "small profits", in order to pursue the "small profits" to give up the long-term profit model of "interest" that is the The loss outweighs the gain. The stationmaster should be >

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