Understand foreign trade website profit model, skillfully earn foreigners gold coins

many Internet bigwigs say, to learn foreign websites model, earn foreigners money. But if you do not have good English skills, do not understand the foreign consumer habits, how to do it,


A5 on Thursday August 25th exceeded foreign trade activities, invited the webmaster to share his monthly sales 300 thousand monkey B2C foreign trade imitation website experience, share how to do foreign trade website, how to earn experience, in order to facilitate you to read the following finishing complete a question and answer information.

asked: today A5 version of the chat activity sharing trade website topic, what is the foreign trade website, the guests to share.

answer: Hello, we do foreign trade generally divided into two types of genuine and imitation goods, our model refers to the retail model, that is, B2C, between customers and customers. General idea is that we do English B2C station, their products in English GG do rankings, sold to profit. Before SEO has done it, we can also rely on some other promotional techniques to promote our products.

Q: what are the requirements for a foreign trade station? What do you need to prepare? Give your website as an example. Can you tell me something about it,


answer: this good question, I need to talk about some general trade conditions, you must first pass the English (my poor English) I am looking for English customer service, foreign trade website (you can find to do station company) foreign trade products, you might focus on foreign trade products is how come, I I can tell you the biggest advantage is that the foreign trade do not own to hoard goods, that is to say you don’t have to get the goods of your own home and then EMS issued to foreigners. This is not necessary.

foreign trade costs are saved here. Of course, investment is there, please SEO or SEO site, ready money, one important point is the foreign trade problem of interface imitation is not PP to complaints, so we choose the international credit card payment channel (the cost of a year in the range of 1W) is the largest foreign investment.

is to consider their own funds, and their own advantages, how much I intend to invest, and have a budget to find a suitable response plan. Don’t be too blind.

asked: do foreign trade website threshold is not high,


answer: foreign trade threshold is relatively high, his high is not just funding problems, such as English, SEO+, English, mail return, English B2C website construction. Foreign trade, shipment and so on, a series of work needs several people to cooperate to do. Capital investment is relatively small, here we are talking about (imitation), of course, authentic goods can also.

asked: "what is your website system, your website, these customers through what means? In addition, your team is now how many people, how is the division of labor,


answer: foreign trade website system is divided many, domestic also has development >

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