ZHN Zhang Haining talks about exchange of links

Anhui Internet Alliance sponsored by the old K presided over 1000 people’s lectures have been to the forty-eighth phase, this guest Zhang Haining has set up China SEO information station, station network, rich marketing, network marketing community. Its articles have been reprinted and recommended by well-known Internet media. SEO for beginners and practitioners to study and analysis provides a good reference.

recently established a new link for the majority of webmaster provides a link exchange, trading portal platform.

congratulations to thousands of lecture membership of nearly 3000 people, 500 people before the 6 army was almost full, there are only three groups (500 people) have a small number of seats plus interest, group number: 17581177. Please enter the group with 53w.net registered UID.

thank you for your support for thousand people’s lectures. At present, all 48 collection address for http://s.53w.net/space.php? Do=mtag& tagid=399 every Monday will be the public lecture in the end! Please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

Hello, glad to accept the invitation to thousand people, the old K to share a Links topic. With the development of the Internet, links and SEO have become a hot topic recently. Therefore, the content of this sharing will involve the exchange of links, transactions, and links between SEO and friendship. Share content, there will inevitably be some problems and omissions, but also please bear with me.

one, friendship link exchange method

before talking about this, first interspersed with a webmaster often encountered problems, many webmaster will ask, why my website has done for a long time, have not included. First look at some of these questions is how to do the webmaster, usually, they will be based on some online SEO tutorial mentioned, a lot of "optimization" in the web site before the online, including the collection of thousands of content, keyword density analysis on the home page, stacking a large number of keywords, put the website on the server then, go to the search engine submission waiting to be included. A large number of experiments and facts have proved that, especially with the continuous adjustment of SE algorithm, this method is not effective. So what to do? This topic brings out the function of friendship link.

for a new station, if you think fast included, you must first abandon is SEO, whether you use CMS or develop their own program or even a single page, not to optimize this transition website, very reasonable website structure and content organization, uploaded to the server. Then find a website that can be included in the search engine to add a link, or to send an article, the most of the article

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