Prime Minister Lee public business enlightenment nternet plus public entrepreneurship education is

the morning of May 7th, Prime Minister Lee appeared in Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street, accompanied by Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi, visited the star of Lenovo, and said "promote public entrepreneurship, innovation". In fact, as early as last November 15th, Prime Minister chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to promote the development of cloud computing innovation measures to foster the development of new formats, new industries, new formats and new online education industry is one of the key; and recently NPC and CPPCC, Internet plus concept is put forward, and said to make education the cause of success, all of a sudden the Internet plus education put on the mainstream table. Through the Internet make every wish to learn to enjoy equal or fair education, is Internet plus the goal of education, for a large number of entrepreneurs into the education sector, the old industry is full of vitality.

education is Internet plus stimulus again, cause so many opportunities, risks and opportunities coexist at the same time, why choose Internet plus public entrepreneurship education, what is the attraction that so many entrepreneurs fought to join online education entrepreneurship


(1) is not bad money, not bad trend

now, if do not know Internet plus education, then you will be despised. After the Internet into the education industry, New Oriental and other large educational institutions are constantly seeking change, and some have to seek stability for their own sake, or a lot of money into the venture company. According to a certain statistical data, the average number of new online educational institutions per day about 3, while the monthly financing amount of up to one billion. As some investment institutions with Jia Lang said: we are not afraid of bad money, can not find a good online education project.

may not be a few industries are so thick atmosphere, but it is so conservative. Because the education industry practitioners need to keep steady, profound understanding of "education", but also change the traditional education industry backward thinking and institutions. Since 2014, the reform pace of education industry began to change rapidly, online education continues to attract investors, Jia Lang is from the wind up, began to focus on online education.

is not only money, but the market has given enough attention. From the national level to promote the reform of the education system, and the school of information technology reform, are in a step by step to stimulate the education of this ancient industry.

(2) to realize the value of life, to achieve social value

entrepreneurs, why want to start a business is nothing more than want to realize their value in life, but not everyone can realize the value of life to achieve social value. Education can bring great social value.

Internet plus MOOC education prosperity, so that everyone can enjoy the high quality education through the internet. But for countries, improving the quality of social education is popular, especially the radiation effect brought by these people.

(3) had relatively equal giant, opportunity

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