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before writing this article, I first introduced myself, in a lower Guangzhou University Social Psychology Master’s degree, currently in Guangzhou as a building intermediary, still in downtown area opened a barbecue shop. Income is ok. Being a station is just my hobby. I didn’t want to make any money out of it. Since junior high school, I love the internet. Being able to run my own web site is what I’ve been dreaming of. At that time, one of the most wanted websites was called "bad children’s sky"". To tell you the truth, I was rebellious at that time. Would like to do a community, so that all are understood by the great people as "bad children" friends come in to talk. The vast sea. A sky with bad children. But because of the gap between technology and reality, it is not done at last.

high school, I got my first website, called the free community (now no more). It was in the name of my high school alma mater (I studied in Haikou in high school). There was a team then. High school computer learning good students. Also has its own profit direction: for students in Haikou, do a business alliance discount card. Because of my high school reputation is relatively large, so when talking about business is easy to win. This is a win-win thing, to the students, each card is priced at 30 yuan, can be in a number of businesses discount, easily saved; for businesses, small profits; on site, with the income, can also consolidate membership.

and basic necessities, other industries. Our first batch of cards was 2 yuan a piece of cost into, and entered one thousand. It’s sold out in 1 weeks. The price is 30 yuan each. The cost we put in is just a cheap space for talking about the travel expenses and advertising expenses. The main body of the free community is the easy to move version of the forum. At that time, we do not know SEO, just do stand, updated every day, the problem to users who humbly accept the advice to users. We are engaged in networking activities. Consolidated membership. Direct marketing of man and man. The effect is good.

The reason for the closure of the

was that the school began limiting our activities, with a big share and a lot of restrictions. When the free community was no longer free, our team disbanded. After the college entrance examination, I made second websites. Sunny shores. There are 2 technicians. Extension staff. Oh. It’s Zhanjiang College community. The idea was simple at that time. China’s main Internet users are still concentrated in the 1980s. And then, it’s time to go to college. So do it,

no, the reaction was good. We have printed a large quantity of fine posters and leaflets. Promote our website directly under the line. Run all over the streets and see people. The profit direction is to attract students from Zhanjiang. Let Zhanjiang related businesses on our website advertising. On the day of the promotion, someone comes to register. We just focused on the screen. Continue to see the number of online. A month later, our stable online population reached more than 300 people (real data). And then there are businesses continued to come.


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