Zhaochafa 2009 zhongpan webmaster only insist there is hope

2009, this winter is cold, especially for grass root stationmaster. At first, in November because of mobile phone WAP anti vice and remediation activities, gradually evolved into a long-term movement throughout the Internet, sports Internet, although pornography illegal sites are much less. There is continuous movement and expansion led to a lot of legitimate and even potential and influence is implicated by room sites across the board, the Internet industry is devastated, status Bay is an indisputable fact. When the chilly wind blowing, a point that one could not open the URL, PING that one is broken off network routing IP address, browse a webmaster group filled with despair and pessimism. Although the body is made by many cat winter dormant for movement of the old webmaster at the beginning of exercise, but the fury of the storm, a strong cave for the grassroots webmaster


in this relatively grassroots Adsense speaking one year when the turmoil, a desperate news to stimulate grassroots webmaster when the delicate and soft heart. Then, when the legitimate rights and interests of the grassroots webmaster was damaged by the Internet webmaster group in the world, the faint after subsidence cracks, the cracks, collapse shake a Chinese Internet foundation, and the cracks with the movement of scale expansion and renovation industry chain gradually across the board, Pyramid pointed toward the spread of the Internet, from the grassroots to the elite, who stood at the top of the Pyramid bright for the highly anticipated Internet bosses, the crisis has not far.

grassroots webmaster, absolutely a small group of people, compared with the core class of society, the standard vulnerable groups. Compared to eating the old Michong, as a grassroots webmaster of you and I, is independent ideas and implementation of the young people, away from their parents and friends of the asylum, difficult and firmly with our meager strength and 120% in their efforts to survive on the way to work hard, overcome the flow of social identity mainly not lonely, with action to close and achieve their original dream…… There is no doubt that it is easy to be moved when such a group of relatively weak people do what they cannot do.

you my little chance of success, in the loss of various external protection, in various Internet resources are gradually for interest groups to control monopoly situation, still in the wings of eagles toward the dark unknown, over the heart of intense fear and innate fear of retraction, front beat suffocating tension and rain to make the grassroots webmaster stand in the leading direction of the Internet (of course to become the first water channel attack targets). Not afraid of death all characters of iron will is to respect people, but still insist on efforts in the closed station implicated in fear of the grassroots webmaster, can arouse sympathy more empathy. This power from the heart of a grassroots webmaster is more moving than a hero’s vague slogan.

this power, but also to promote the development of the Internet forward the power of origin.

this power will not be stifled by human force out, because the times

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