Talking about anti spam websites (search engine articles)

7-8 years ago by Internet navigation, portal website to find information in the Internet by search, open search engine has gradually become a habit, either Baidu or Google, or do not seem to find a way to solve garbage sites.

garbage website: endlessly copy the content of other people’s Web site, pseudo original hurt many silent webmaster, want to kill then fast.

I am not technical origin, said more afraid of everyone jokes, chat casually, to prevent garbage stations, search engines seem to be a bit of strength.

‘s idea is:

1, for your web site set crawler access password.

2, submit the password to the search engine.

so that the search engine crawl web pages can be normal search, and other non submit reptiles are not allowed to access. Of course, first of all, you have to search engine recognition method, and in the website landing page to establish such a mechanism. Although can not fundamentally restrict the garbage station, but also support the hard work from the action, protect the original. Welcome to

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