Poor me, ‘ve never been successful

contact network for 4 years. Also know stationmaster net very early every day, just to see what we can write (benefit)! So long was never published an article today while launched their own a small station, some by the way so many years do stand feelings! When is a new start! Because it is the first published article, hope that a lot of body clothes don’t write well don’t scold


first of all, I’ve never done a station successfully. No station has 100IP/ days. The contact network for 4 years. But the site also has 2 years time, remember the most began what do not understand me, looking for information online learning website everywhere, can not be said to be a website, can only be said to be "some of it, anyway, it was quite fun", was a thought. I hope things can let people know the network (vanity), do not know what the domain name, do not know what is in the network space, such as mixed up for half a year. Only the first site I was really excited, is dead, every day posted the web site to others that they see. So far I don’t know how many stops I’ve made. There is a lot of confusion at the station. But none of them have 100IP/ days. Shame on you. I don’t know if I can call it "stationmaster" in everybody’s eyes".

for so many years, I always thought I would succeed. Every time I start doing my stand, I don’t know how high my passion is. I’m full of hope for the future. The plan is all right, every night until 12 until sleep. Perhaps this is my life bar: half done, feeling not popular, not doing, and only done less than half a month, and once that passion immediately disappeared. I don’t know what happened to me. Want to do a station, more than 1000IP/ days. For me, it is a difficult, difficult thing, it seems impossible. Maybe I didn’t insist. If I had done it seriously, I don’t think it would be so bad right now. To tell you the truth, don’t be afraid to laugh. Sometimes you think you’re really good. Hey,


recently made a new site, which is the QQ class. Now QQ, non mainstream a lot, but no way, I feel this type of good do, resources are relatively good, ha ha! This time I will do well in the station, even if not successful, but I will put this station has been doing it. Want to have this kind of good predecessors can bring with brother, brother is really indebted forever I am currently in the study of net, JAVA and CSS will be DIV if you are willing to teach me, my heart is really thanks! You can communicate with me, thank you! My QQ:519512513

finally, I hope everyone will stand up and stick to it. Adhere to is more important than what (I think), even if one day only a few IP have to stick with it, only in this way will be closer and closer to success! I have never been successful, but this time I believe I can succeed! Let us together! Note: >

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