The content of the website more and better user He that talks much errs much. difficult to use


"write" no content, almost all of the enterprise website editors lamented, but we still trying to rack their brains to others, repeat repeat themselves, "copy acquisition pseudo original", did not even have time to production service line experience to understand, because we — "almost on the line" no time, important is the number of.


site does not have original content, can write

in the "Web" content and Strategy Guide author Kristina Halvorson exchange, a customer with special emphasis on more importance for website marketing: "the search engine ranking will be more in front, to the online user services more" and "in the industry to create" competitive advantage "opportunity the greater the".

SEO is the first industry consensus (or even pay attention to the law of entry) and second, third points, more out of search engine marketing considerations, may hold more long tail users ", so" around the "key words" content is meaningless with key words "has become all the content of the website construction specification.

SEO in addition to consider, more web site operators and a deeply ingrained idea — Construction of "big and complete, complete professional", "expect once the user came to your site, all the professional problems at home, can be the perfect solution".


Kristina Halvorson believes the vast majority of enterprise website content system must be streamlined, completely abandoned the "big and complete, complete professional" website content strategy, leaving only those elaborate, to support the core service, indeed with the content of potential users, her reason is:

content less easy to use "- from the user point of view," easy to use "is the hard truth, in today’s information explosion excessive marketing era, too many details of the content for the sake of users", completely cover the main services website, will only make it feel professional users difficult choices at a loss, all at sea puzzled (think of a simple Google extreme.).

some people will say, can use the search ah, but more website or search out a list of related and unrelated information — too many homogeneous information increases the choice cost of potential users, "also means that the customer is more difficult to make your product or service a favorable decision".

any business has its limitations – even if it’s a professional question, the business that a business is best at is often just a few of them. The idea of "big, whole, web site, everything is professional", the idea that the user once came to his website and that all the professional problems can be solved perfectly, is too wishful thinking. < >

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