A small website, someone actually bid 10 thousand acquisition

now mention and usual as early as up, turn on the computer query included more, whether keywords ranking improved, the phone suddenly rang

phone, the other is a woman, and simply talk about the next conversation,


at first she asked me: "are you www.0453dj.cn webmaster? My answer is what she said, your site is not ready to sell, but I have no plans to sell my station how much money she said yes, our company is willing to take 10 thousand yuan to buy your website we are Mudanjiang KTV, oh I just graduated from college! Do two months the station can sell 10 thousand dollars? I asked her why she didn’t go to buy those stronger than I am of the site, the other answer is that I wanted to buy be startled at our company, other sites, he said your name is Mudanjiang area domain name, I don’t know how to answer to sell or not to sell at that time, I think that I’ll hang you contact me tomorrow to hang up the phone to a very long time.

station is more than half a year, did not expect a small DJ website can also sell 10 thousand quick money, in fact I do website does not want money, my degree is not high, up to now some regret, envy those who read Master MBA and so on, but people still look forward. Hey. The past is past, I was still in school at that time, can be said that the domain name registration money is saved, while in the field of school fixed monthly living expenses, the largest cost which is the net cost, then I love on the Internet bubble feeling, learn to do "when I was 16 years old, at that time only do some simple things connected, for the home page is a free, then we are using 8u8 but know that the first is qzone. Later, by their own groping, learned to make HTML pages. Slowly began my website career, at first it is not to make money, really is a hobby, called me to stick down, how many days and nights, and finally exchange for the results or more gratified. Do stand during the spare lot of detours, made many mistakes, I do not mention a good place here, because you are not a good thing to say, is to everyone to witness, remember that when the site every day there are 2000 people when the mood is really good, first buy is 1 years 300 the 100M space, the space is really expensive, later in the flow of up to 5000 people every day, but could not support it, open the site very slow, in a chance to meet a partner, he said I can be free to provide enough space to use, is called him an advertisement, I of course said yes, the space station of stable nature has the confidence to do better every day, or put all your time on the Internet, constantly update the change, I only hope you can give me valuable advice, we go Today is really not easy, not less like the support of my friends on my website. Thank you all here first, we will try our best, do better and walk in the front.

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