Baidu included my CN net earlier than included

Hello everybody, let me talk about my two website Baidu today.

When I made the June 1st

two stations, two sites are in the same space, is the zblog program, different is a CN domain, a net domain name, when I was in Baidu site two days ago, found that the CN domain name included. 70 pages, while the net domain name is not included. I would like to analyze why can be included in the meter: 1, on the space and procedures are used the same, do not consider. 2, in the outdated and other forums signed, have links to leave the site. But two days ago in a Admin5 article, leaving the CN meters of the links in the article, I think it is the webmaster network Admin5 to help me, thank you! And I want to say to the early Baidu included, we get some original things, who love fresh. The search engine is the same, then the multiple point soft, Admin5 is very good! The weight is very high

!Why don’t

I will speak, there may be a lot of people cannot read, sorry! The net domain name down a ( hope that Baidu can included! Thank you, thank Adsense nets


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