Looking forward to the future of stationmaster from YAHOO’s China revision

see a Yahoo China page revision of the news reports on Admin5 today, I went to the YAHOO home page to see, after all, as a webmaster, although I’m just a person, just the grass, but I always feel in the face of trend of large companies, facing the change of the Internet, we should also pay attention to the grassroots.

today at the YAHOO new home, and change the original big truth, YAHOO is a gradually declining Internet giant, and the Yahoo China revision for YAHOO itself is certainly important. For our individual webmaster, it is also a reference.

The new home of

Yahoo, to my first impression is better than the principle of refreshing a lot, not too long, but it is worth mentioning that, Yahoo and domestic sina.com.cn, sohu.com and 163.com have a different, these sites are on the top of the page in the navigation. Also, it is because of these large portals lead, most of our grassroots webmaster website also love so much and miscellaneous.

really domestic portals, Sina, Sohu, their home page pulls a long, all kinds of content are aggregated to the home page. Sometimes such a long page instead of reading the user can’t find really want to see the content, and the site also is not only home door, basically every channel page, each function page, even list page, read the article page is to feel filled.

however, in recent years, and there is another extreme, a web site in the revision to the blog, even Tencent.com channel technology have made the blog look, I think this minimalist style is not suitable for all


‘s large portal sites, YAHOO did a good job, of course, for special page layouts and designs. The homepage of YAHOO website tonal also is unified, all respects make a person feel very coordinated, unlike domestic those sites.

however, amateurs watch the scene and experts see doorways. We don’t just have to look at the appearance of the home page, but we need to focus on the real functionality of a portal.

I also note that YAHOO China’s revision is also very concerned about this aspect of things, such as YAHOO in the home page after the big revision, very concerned about the function of social sharing.

"in this new page, YAHOO has added a new social feature that allows users to log in using their YAHOO accounts or Facebook accounts to view articles shared by friends.". There is no doubt that the social network has become a very important social news now, even may be the most important part, and strengthen their YAHOO news and social network links, is undoubtedly a very wise." This is the author quoted the original, this is another media for YAHOO home social media sharing features of a news report.

brings us grassroots webmaster!

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