High school comes out to turn to do website


graduated from high school in 2006, is a family arranged to work in Dongguan plastic hardware factory in Changan, just go up in plastic production department, it is just out of what is not used. Then about a year, then transferred to another department in the same factory to do the mold to apprentice. Learn about half a year, always feel not what say they’re not interested in this. Had to resign, then just celebrated the new year quickly went home new year, what have been waiting years to say.

to second years with friends in Zhongshan so they came to Zhongshan, then just know about this Wangzhuan, remember there is a group of people for registration or advertising what to get much money, cash, and had to pay, (up to now feel ridiculous, just after school of NetEase) read more about the site of the tutorial, then upload the program of others began to promote what. Because I love computer so do the station is computer technology related. Www.aiwuhui.net (master please don’t laugh) but the beginner is novice to do a year is not what improvement, alas, the reality is very exciting..

is also very helpless

the first to write these things, here do not know what to write, I hope all the webmaster friends in the new year, the year of the ox more cattle.

all right. Thanks for holding on to my pile of crap. Willing to communicate with my novice, you can contact QQ79759430

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