Looking at the future of China’s online travel industry from where to go

/ Wang Guanxiong,

entered in August, and to the stock market, announced the season of earnings. 22, China’s largest tourism vertical search platform, where the net released the second quarter earnings in 2014, so far, the United States listed China online travel industry three giants have handed over the two quarter results.

The tourism industry plays an important role in the

share in China’s GDP, and online travel by contrast is unlimited potential, although in the "game player" has many, but because of the huge amount of body industry, so the industry each are to take sacrifice profits, even at a loss in the future "ideas, to expand the eye in market share.

staking era, the existing base and volume are only growing concern, as trassient as a fleeting cloud, who can continue to achieve faster development, who can have a future. Here we are based on growth, from a variety of dimensions to see, the industry’s three giants of the "growth story."".

one, Ctrip, where to go, eLong revenue growth compared to

Figure 1: Ctrip, where to go, eLong revenue growth compared to figure

first of all, the most comprehensive expression of corporate expansion is "revenue growth". According to Ctrip, eLong, where three giants have just released the two quarter earnings, three of the total revenue growth rate was: 38%, 24%, 127%.

in addition, above lists the total revenues of nearly a year three home growth rate, can be seen, where the network growth is most obvious, showing a relatively rapid growth; followed by ctrip.com, basically is to maintain steady growth, but the rate is relatively weak; and elong growth is not stable, from the beginning of 2013 Q4, is basically out of the first camp competition.

a year, "price war" guns throughout the online travel industry, while for the wireless side of the competition, giants also corresponding adjustment in the overall strategy. Only from the point of view of revenue growth situation, a series of adjustment after the dust settles, the online travel in the future will be to choose between where and Ctrip, in the face of rapid development to where, Ctrip now apparently still significantly slow action.

two, online travel major enterprises airline ticket business analysis

Figure 2: Ctrip, where to go, eLong ticket business revenue growth compared to figure

generally speaking, the airline ticket business is the comprehensive class on-line traveling enterprise revenue a big pillar. According to Ctrip, where to go, eLong three, 2014 second quarter earnings report, three ticket revenue growth were: 39%, 143% and -1.4%.

Figure 2 for three enterprises in the past year’s air ticket business revenue growth. As you can see, airline tickets are an area of advantage for where to go. Art dragon >

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