Making profit on professional websites

with the recent expansion of graduates in recent years, the problem of new graduates is immediately highlighted. Many online job sites have emerged, including new jobs.

‘s new job placement network ( is a professional recruitment website for graduates. After nearly two years of development, in the campus recruitment website has ranked first.

with the expansion of the scale of the site, more and more investment, but the income of "graduating students" is still maintained at the original level. Although sporadic advertising positions, but can not maintain a longer delivery cycle. The reason, chief Chen Wei said: "although this two years of rapid development, but the site located in the job of college students, your audience is very accurate, but the flow of portal and far, but not the scale effect is the biggest problem we encountered in the advertising sales". Advertising sales costs Chen Wei also must consider the question, "at present we do not have a dedicated sales team, mostly customers directly to us.". I’m afraid it costs too much if you sell advertising." How to make a profit has become the problem that Chen Wei needs to solve at this stage.

was in the middle of nowhere when a friend introduced him to the CHANet results advertising alliance. The results of CHANet network as an advertising supermarket, Chen Wei can pick their website in the numerous advertisement delivery, fortunately Chen Wei CHANet found that the network has a lot of achievements for their own advertising activities, such as 51JOB, SHJOB, 1010JOB, Joba, Chen Wei chose 51JOB as an attempt to put in advertisement. Unlike ordinary advertising, network advertising CHANet results are not to pay the Commission flow as a reference value, like 51JOB advertising, when users click on the ads in the graduate employment network and registered as a member in 51JOB, you can get a very considerable commission. "This billing form suits me very well. Because I choose the ad targeted, a day if 1000 people click advertising, at least 100 people may register, then the daily income can reach several thousand dollars. If you like other ads that click billing, a day not so good results". Obviously, this kind of advertisement requires the precision of the crowd, not the traffic. It is especially suitable for professional websites such as new students.

in addition, CHANet results network will also be graduating from the job advertising network sales costs dropped to zero, because the accession to the CHANet results network is completely free, 365 days a year to find their own advertising. Zero cost and stable advertising source makes Chen Wei very satisfied.

now has more and more professional website birth, this kind of website general problem is precise and small scale, they are sought after by users, but can not get the favor of advertisers, the value of the website is seriously underestimated. The ad alliance, represented by the CHANet results network, reversed the situation

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