How to improve the user experience in the operation of tourism websites

today and everyone about me in the operation of the tour surrounding tourism network process, on how to improve the user experience a little bit of experience and experience, here to share with you, welcome to communicate with me.

travel website enhances user experience is to improve customer conversion rate, and let the user the fastest and most direct to find the information he wants. Below I from the website design and so on several aspects explains how enhances the website user experience degree.

first of all, we should make clear the three points of attention for the design of tourist websites:

1. can clearly and explicitly tell visitors your site service type and location

, can your website visitors decide for the first time whether your website is a tourist route website or a tourist information website?

The design of the

2. website gives simple and direct guidance to visitors about what to do next,

but when the visitors understand what your site is like, we’ll guide them to find the information they want. In the navigation design of the website of both rich and clear, simple and direct for different customers each one takes what he needs. We can be achieved through the following aspects: clear signs, promotional advertising, small station links, site navigation, the main navigation tools (according to their business classification is clear), scrolling text promotions, fast navigation etc..

3. web site design and layout, so as to allow users to use the least steps to complete the operation.

because the tourism website improves, the user experience has many details, and different types of tourism websites should also be analyzed and planned. Here I will talk about two important points:

1. site, the main navigation, positioning navigation, column navigation settings to be reasonable

1, tabbed navigation is recognized most consistent with the use of habits, we can refer to the Alibaba and Taobao navigation bar;

2, positioning navigation: many travel website column classification hate complex, in order to facilitate the user to know in a timely manner what page they are in, the current page name can use bold form.

3, column navigation: if there is a classification under a column, then enter a class, to clearly identify the classification.

4, the site’s LOGO, is best to always stay in the same location and link to the home page.

2. site perfect search function


user experience is a systematic and complex project, if you want to have on your site to conduct a comprehensive user experience improvement to system planning and improvement, takes a long time to accumulate and try.

this article in the tour surrounding tourism network ( starting, such as reprint, please keep the web site.

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