How do do computer network company from a computer novice

· signature: in the Internet more and more developed, Internet era of exploding, a more entrepreneurial way, my Internet Storm entrepreneurship Road, to share with you today, I hope to help you start on the road, hoping to get your entrepreneurial way!

in order to avoid advertising suspects, the company name temporarily not mention, you see my energy on it,

· Shenzhen

I left, right

at the end of 2004, I carry a line back to leave Shenzhen! Come empty handed, drifted away; in Shenzhen, I am engaged in online advertising sales in a well-known Web site has been 3 years, from the year that even the mail do not know landing development to become the company’s rookie network advertising sales manager. Don’t say that every day of the call of the pain, not to mention the daily mail Suanma, not in the street when pulled to run every day, tired, I do not belong to this company, I no longer belong to Shenzhen


· Jia Yi do for others, as a faction of

the Internet itself has been a wonder, but countless miracles have been achieved by relying on the internet. In just 3 years, I’ve seen Baidu jump in the direction of time. I’m not a conformist, but I still have to admire this changing internet.

now, I also have a project of my own, I also have a dream for the pursuit of capital, I also have a founder of their own company’s determination!


·: Entrepreneurship first hurdle: start

in spring 2006, I started my company. The writing room is rented, the staff recruitment is good, the computer connects the Internet, but the problem comes,


web site must certificate: ICP card not only requires the company registered funds reached RMB100W, and procedures trouble time dragged on, not necessarily approved, and then decided to find a registered company. Did not think much, check the information, immediately contact Shanghai’s largest generation of registered companies – Shanghai sea incubation park. The speed is really fast. After only a few days, the company’s ICP card has been accepted.

finally, I took a kitchen knife and pointed to the sun and said, "I’m going to have a big day,


· entrepreneurship second pass: profit

after six months of promotion, our company’s website has opened the visibility, greatly improved the rankings and traffic. Next, I will consider how to make a profit. Of course, I have been thinking about this problem, and there are some specific ideas, but the lack of some conditions. In my opinion, what the Internet needs most is the combination with traditional enterprises, but I don’t have any contacts with my company’s website for the time being. If I’m going to talk to them now, I think it’s a waste of time. The Internet can’t wait for time,



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