Lonely Hongkong, why not step out of the nternet venture

Internet business environment in Hongkong, not the problem of talent, not the problem of money, but the economic structure of the problem. Big business monopoly of Hongkong economy, big business elite Zhaoan, by contrast, business risk and cost high, few people dare to try. This hindered the formation of large-scale investment entrepreneurs, only sporadic soldiers scattered yong.


February 2, 2015, Ali announced in Hongkong to spend HK $1 billion to set up Hongkong Youth Enterprise Fund to support young entrepreneurs in Hongkong. Ma Yun said in his speech: "Hongkong’s position in the globalization of finance, the rule of law and all the universities to improve education, I think the mainland China to have such qualities are not many students. Realistically speaking, it is only the young people in Hongkong who dare not move forward one step at a time." Obviously, this is a good news for Hongkong has been subdued Internet entrepreneurs.

as early as the early 1990s, Hongkong has begun to provide Internet services, one of the earliest areas of asia. Ten years ago, the number of Internet users in Hongkong amounted to 3 million 300 thousand (up to now, Hongkong’s total population of about 7000000), the Internet penetration rate of 51%, second only to South Korea, Sweden and the United states. Hongkong Internet users use an average of 22 hours a month, the world’s most. Broadband network has covered all commercial buildings in Hongkong and more than 95% of residential, and in community centers, libraries and even a number of public places to provide free Internet access.

even so, Hongkong has never had a real influence of Internet entrepreneurs and companies, has always been open and free, advanced impression of Hongkong how? Why internet entrepreneurs so little? We analyze from multiple elements of society, government and cultural depth.

complex social environmental factors

sandwich layer embarrassment: due to the impact of the British Hong Kong, Hongkong and Europe and the United States closely related to the culture of Europe and the United States culture is easy to enter Hongkong, including Internet culture. Money party co-founder, Li Yinghao of Hongkong to Hongkong in about the habits of Internet users said: "the news of YAHOO, YAHOO, Google search, financial watch aastocks, video YouTube, social Facebook, Gmail mail, comment with dinner, to discuss the Discuss, Uwant, Whatsapp instead of sms."

Hongkong mainstream Internet products are basically based on the U.S. Internet products. Development up to now, due to the increase in domestic trade, exchanges and other factors, the increase in the popularity of WeChat in Hongkong, Taobao and other products also slowly have a number of users, but the number is very small. Internet users in Hongkong, under the dual influence of the central European culture, will become a collection of various products.

but for the Internet entrepreneurs in Hongkong, this is a dilemma: due to the cultural background of the East, for the use of learning in Europe and the United States

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