Mirror mirror Feng Xin told me the two venture into it

storm listed and did not let the founder Feng Xin seemed relieved, because his face market has become more cruel.

in March 24th, 8 years of business Feng Xin finally led the storm Technology (hereinafter referred to as the storm) on the gem of the red carpet, issue 30 million shares, issue price of 7.14 yuan per share, to raise funds 510 million yuan. Whether the listing of the storm in the video industry has played a beautiful turnaround possible situation is not optimistic. Film and television variety show copyright has already gone, TV popular variety show copyright fees have been packaged to hundreds of millions of. In this situation, the storm how to take the next step? The current storm technology company CEO Feng Xin said, their thinking is offensive to the mobile Internet, because PC is not worth more efforts "; at the same time, the video becomes more extensive entertainment, including music, games and performances. In this line of thought under the guidance of the two venture project began forming Feng Xin storm mirror.

you’re both partners

it is well known that, after this, the storm is not flat road technology market. After the initial venture capital investment in IDG and other Internet companies, like storm VIE framework (variable interest entities) listed in the United states. The 2010 storm restructuring, capital of $exit, the introduction of HUAWEI investment, stone investment and other domestic capital, listed domestic direction. During this period, the storm is also a well-known video player, the transition to become an online video platform.

summarizes storm gains and losses, Feng Xin thought he had made three mistakes, one is financing without experience, dare not take too much money; the two is the only product opportunity, strategic pattern is not big enough; the third is the management problem. "Management is born with freedom." He says, "so it gives me this chance, let me re create a new organization, although the organization has a large risk, but I was more worried about not faster so that more talented people."

is the mirror storm technology spun out of the independent operation of the company, it carries Feng Xin for many storms in the business model of the future imagine. Feng Xin set up two incentive mechanism: first, to give the team a year to issue a 10% stake, there is no option maturity; second, each round of investment requires investors to acquire a stake in the hands of the hands of the hands of the team in the hands of the group of 10%. Moreover, each time the company capital increase, the partners can sell shares in the hands of cash, there is no limit.

admits, the mirror operation mode looks a little adventure. In this regard, Feng Xin given the logic is that the company’s respect for the time cost of more than performance appraisal. It is reported that the storm mirror is collecting 210 virtual reality production partners across the country, including 100 panoramic crew, 100 VR games and 10 hardware and software vendors. This means that the entire team in the next six months will be expanded from more than and 100 to more than 1 thousand.

Feng Xin promises to give this

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